One day I made the conscious decision that my boys were no longer going to watch TV during the week, that Monday thru Friday we were going to be free of video games and iPads and that 30 minute cartoon here and there, we were going unplugged.  And with homework and activities and board game nights and books, we didn't miss it, not for a second.  Since on the weekends we allow limited screen time the job became to encourage my boys to go back to the art of play and imagination.  Each month we vow to have an adventure, whether in our own living room or throwing on costumes or exploring our city or beyond, we would do something together and I would photograph it.

Childhood Unplugged is a group of 12 like-minded photographer mothers and fathers encouraging others to get back to the art of play.  And no way better than to lead by example.  For full monthly posts visit my Journal.