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Without creative self-expression, I lose myself. Somewhere between the kids, and the house, the board meetings and the everything else, I forget about me.

Art brings me back. As fundamental to my heart as the air I breathe.

But, there was a time when being creative felt like more of a burden than a blessing. I’d have to drag out the paints and the canvases, or the rolls and rolls of film and lighting, and call the babysitter. I’d go days and days away from my art, too busy to find the time.

And then, I got an iPhone.

Just like that, right in my back pocket, was my answer. Suddenly, I could be an artist in the line at the grocery store, or in the waiting room at the dentist. I didn’t have to worry about luging around heavy gear all the time; it was a perfectly portable dream come true.

Some people do yoga. Some people run for miles at sunrise. For me, my daily iPhoneography practice is my sanity. It keeps me plugged into my creative truth, always, and that, is everything.