Self help: i talk to myself through imagery

As I approached my mid-thirties, a time that according to everything I'd read was to be my sexual prime, my husband fell into a deep depression and couldn't claw himself out. My desire was ever-present, while his was nonexistent.

All of a sudden, I was invisible. My husband didn't want me, no matter what I tried, and I realized I'd never known how much I wanted to be desired.  I felt so alone, and slowly I was loosing myself.

Then, I grabbed my camera and turned it on myself.  Conceptualizing and executing each image became my escape.  I needed to release my pain and loneliness and also declare to the world, and myself, that I'm still here. I still matter.  But what I began to realize was that the act of creating was more powerful than anything else.

In truth, my art saved me. I am not invisible anymore.