these affairs have always been about creating a time and space to throw myself into a deeply creative endeavor with another artistic soul.  so when such a soul came from the opposite corner of the country to spend a little time with me I couldn't help but ask her to walk into a little space, full of flowers and vines, and get artistic with me.  this wildflower, the talented Joy Prouty, exuded love and deep understand for where I am and what I do.  a beautifully flowered experience I won't soon forget.

make-up by make-up artistry by jessie

flowers provided by anthology floristry


in her initial introduction to me she told me she was a engineer who hadn't spent much time exploring her creative side.  ever since that day i have witnessed an immensely creative soul be set free... primarily using herself as her subject she pushes the boundaries of her creativity and as I have watched it unfold I have longed to come together for an artistic affair.  the wonderful kierstan bell and I had an incredible day, joining our creative voices and being totally and completely free.


we met through the men in our life and quickly formed a long distance friendship routed in shared professional projects and creative mindfulness.  as we peeled the layers back we uncovered how much more we shared.  we share a fog, we are learning to navigate and the support she gives me differs from all others because she too shares my moment, right now.

nothing seemed more appropriate than dancing through the fog with my dear friend spencer landvater graves for this artistic affair... for together we are finding the way, and it isn't so bad when you are not alone.


i often feel alone in my weirdness, like i have all these ideas in my head that are screaming to come out but somehow i don't get there... these affairs are a way to push the boundaries and I am constantly surprised at the willingness of other artists to push the boundaries with me. 

this affair, with the talented traci ling, allowed me to get some concepts out of my head and in front of the lens and, combined with ideas she brought to the table, drew us closer together... from head to toe, from body to wonderfully weird mind.


our "real" friends wonder what we are doing, who these new internet friends we spend time with are... but the truth is a real friendship was born long before the tangible one existed.  we met on instagram and she suggested our artistic affair should be inspired by instagram's #WHP (weekend hashtag project) when we found out this past weekend's theme was glitter... so we went for it!  this affair, with maria cecilia ortiz, was a crazy fun glittery mess, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


i have pushed forward with hope and faith in the last period of my life and when i began to wonder if i had the strength to keep on believing, something happened, the universe stepped in...  jamie feels like this big beautiful gift from the universe i so desperately needed.  we began to bond over neighborhood field trips and bike rides, talking of creativity and passion, and as the stories grew deeper and I began to open up she listened.  as time moves on i feel her ever present shoulder to lean on, her soft voice giving me courage and a message of hope that not so long ago was slipping away.  

i spent the day at the pelican motel in key largo with jamie jones, being creative.  a happy, light, airy, truly lovely day, my only complaint is that it ended too soon.... but i know for certain my adventures with this wonderful soul are only just beginning...


she is my person. she brings fun, excitement and positive energy into my life. she silences me when I want to say too much. she encourages me when I need a voice. she supports me when I feel like I will fall. she stands beside me no matter what life throws my way. life is a long and winding road and strong female passengers allow for the bumps and curves to have softer blows. she sits right up front, never wavering when times are tough. and when the road is straight and the air is fresh she rolls the windows down, turns the music up, and sings right there next to me. 

this artistic affair, with my dear friend audrey blake breheney, was filled with a sweet playfulness and the strong love and support that binds us. 


i connected with her through a shared love of learning and photography, and quickly we cultivated a relationship over 9000 miles apart.  together we built a business, we built a friendship, and because of it we pushed forward through personal difficulties in our respective lives.  this melding of the minds ended up being more than either of us could have imagined.

finally together, in the same country, in the same room, we fed our creative souls.  having soudalay thammavongsa here was beyond all my expectations.  i am grateful for the people i meet and the chances i take because it means moments like this happen.


when moving to miami the most difficult thing was the lack of close women friendships. slowly i got to know people but it was the friendship and bond with her that has truly made this place home.  

i spent my morning with gaby, in a quiet room, where we taped her handmade dreamcatchers on the wall and played with spools of colorful ribbon... the comfort, ease and creative closeness i feel with her makes me know, without a doubt, that i am home.


we use the term "us" as an interjection instead of a pronoun to symbolize the situations we get ourselves in.  often apart yet sometimes together "us" is the definition of our disasters.  but each experience is just one more story to bank, one more memory to cherish.

here is the first, in what promises to be a series of experiences, of artistic affairs.  creative rendezvous with other artists meant for mutual fulfillment.  one of my closest friends, the extraordinary michelle gardella, joined me for a wig and tutu shoot in her beloved airstream.